Europe-wide rail logistics
for ScandFibre

To optimize logistics for Swedish paper manufacturers, logistics specialist ScandFibre chose SNCF to coordinate the efforts of Captrain subsidiaries across Europe.


ScandFibre Logistics wanted a single partner to ship reels of paper from southern Sweden to ten European countries. Capacity required: 1.8 million tonnes annually. The company also aimed to optimize costs and improve flow management for its Swedish customers.


Captrain Solutions proposed to consolidate shipments between Sweden and hubs in Hamburg and Dortmund in Germany. From there, whole trains or groups of wagons are sent to all destinations. Improved marshalling, faster turnaround and higher return load factors result in significant savings.

To ensure success and track all shipments in real time, Captrain Solutions set up a dedicated Tracking & Tracing system.

million tonnes of paper shipped annually—a major European freight operation

countries served: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Switzerland

trains a week to destinations in ten European countries

From Sweden to Europe