Our Grand Compte
corporate contract

How much does your company spend on train tickets every year? If it’s €80,000 or more, a customized Grand Compte contract with SNCF can deliver a wealth of benefits.


If your company spends €80,000 or more on rail travel annually, our Grand Compte contract is designed for you, with a range of features based on the number of journeys your employees take in France. Benefits include:

  • exclusive discounts and other favourable terms (conditions apply)
  • all of the benefits associated with our Pro fares for business travellers (Pro Flexi, Pro Mobile, Pro Express and Pro Contact, as well as our Pro Première services) 
  • personalized attention from a dedicated account representative to help you manage your corporate travel costs, with monthly tracking on line and detailed quarterly reports
  • a special relationship with SNCF to help you optimize your travel policy. With our Mon Compte Pro service portal, you can log into your account whenever you like—track your spending, learn about our latest deals and get information on current traffic conditions and engineering works.

Advantage No. 1. Get the most out of your corporate travel budget.
Advantage No. 2
. Track your spending.
Advantage No. 3
. Get free access to our Mon Compte Pro service portal.

Contact the representative for your region

Paris & Ile-de-France

Tel: +33 1 74 54 06 38

Nantes, Rennes, Tours

Tel: +33 1 53 60 99 30

Bordeaux, Toulouse, Limoges

Tel: +33 5 40 54 03 12

Lille, Amiens, Rouen

Tel: +33 3 28 55 87 09

Metz, Nancy, Reims, Strasbourg

Tel: +33 3 88 75 45 82

Lyon, Dijon, Clermont-F, Grenoble, Chambéry

Tel: +33 4 78 65 53 48

Marseille, Montpellier

Tel: +33 4 13 25 12 09