Business travel:
Portail Entreprises

If your company spends €10,000 or more on rail travel, use our Portail Entreprises service for online booking and payment. It’s simple, convenient—and economical.

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Our Portail Entreprises portal offers access to a secure Internet address exclusively for your company.

  • Thanks to secure, personalized, 24/7 access to the portal, employees can book, buy or change their own rail tickets for any destination in Europe without ever leaving the office.
  • Travellers choose their preferred form of ticket delivery: e-tickets, self-service machines at the station, or the post.
  • You have the option of paying through a centralized corporate account and receiving a monthly expense statement.

Advantage No. 1. A wide range of prices tailored to your company’s needs.
Advantage No. 2.
Direct access to premium Pro SNCF services for a flat fee.
Advantage No. 3.
A 100% web-based solution with no investment in new equipment.