L’Infralog National

Infralog National is the logistics specialist for SNCF’s Infrastructure division. Call on us to renovate, operate and maintain your rail network.


Infralog National markets SNCF’s professional and technical expertise: we provide personnel specialized in infrastructure along with special vehicles for network maintenance. We can:

  • Conduct preliminary feasibility studies
  • Provide assistance during project workup
  • Check railway infrastructure before line construction
  • Perform work acceptance
  • Replace track and ballast.

Advantage No. 1: 900 employees with proven expertise in every aspect of infrastructure.
Advantage No. 2:
Experience: the French rail network comprises 31,000 km of track.
Advantage No. 3: 
Travelling teams of specialists to handle projects across the French network.
Advantage No. 4: Equipment for services in adjacent European countries.


maintenance and measurement vehicles, and two Suites Rapides vehicles for track and ballast replacement

km of track inspected annually by the Iris 320 TGV laboratory train


All in a weekend’s work

When RATP, the Paris public transport authority, needed to renovate a bridge on a regional express line—RER B’s pont de l’Abbaye at Gif-sur-Yvette, south of Paris—it turned to Infralog National. The challenge: remove the existing 8 m by 8.70 m bridge deck and lay new decking, all in one summer weekend. Our high-performance railcars—especially our Hydrocampe H3 super gantry, with its 100-tonne lifting capacity—combined with our technical expertise and ability to handle site restrictions convinced RATP that Infralog National was the right choice for the job.