We offer specialized expertise in supply chain
management for rail projects, backed by our
experience as part of SNCF’s Infrastructure division.


With our logistics offer, you’re guaranteed the best solution every step of the way. We can:

  • Design a customized logistics solution. We identify field offices, select suppliers, manage supply flows and more.
  • Handle purchasing. We’ll manage the entire process, from ordering, production and transformation, to shipping by rail, road or inland waterway, acceptance and quality control.
  • Support you on site by providing logistics resources and managing the project through to completion, including site clear-up.

Advantage No. 1. A catalogue of 32,000 items to meet all your needs—track, signalling, catenaries, telecommunications, and more.
Advantage No. 2.
Purchasing power to optimize your costs.
Advantage No. 3.
Eight ISO 9001- and 14001-certified manufacturing sites to customize products to your needs—points & crossings, rail welding and more.


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qualified, certified suppliers

locomotives, 370 shunters and 18,000 wagons


Manufacturing XXL rail

Long rails are a speciality at Infrarail’s Saulon-la-Chapelle site near Dijon, which can produce 432-m track segments by welding five 108-m sections together. Lean, round-the-clock production ensures just-in-time supply for construction of high-speed lines and renovation of traditional ones. Next challenge: load the 432-m rails 42 at a time onto specialized train sets, transport them to the work site, then unload them.