We help SNCF develop rail infrastructure across France and around the world. Now our expertise can be yours.


Projets Système Ingénierie is the uncontested leader in railway engineering, with services in four key areas:

  • General and systems engineering: We optimize rail system performance and lifecycle costs.
  • Project engineering: We propose engineering solutions and manage projects.
  • Operations and maintenance engineering: We design operating principles, write technical maintenance guidelines and monitor networks.
  • Research & Development: creating innovative solutions, tools, methods and products that reduce production, operating and maintenance costs.

Advantage No. 1. Our expertise covers every aspect of rail engineering, and we’re uniquely positioned to see the big picture.
Advantage No 2.
Our solutions combine safety, quality and cost-effectiveness.
Advantage No. 3.
We act as prime contractor for projects involving active networks and complex zones


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employees in France and experts on assignment around the world

km of new high-speed track designed by SNCF Infra's engineering specialists


Normandy Bridge gets a check-up

In June 2012, Le Havre's Chamber of Commerce and Industry turned to SNCF’s Engineering Division to assess the state of the Normandy Bridge. Wearing harnesses and carrying nearly 100 kg of ropes, karabiners, drills, hammers and other equipment, three experts from the Division’s Structures unit--Richard Poquet, David Lory and Antoine Greverend--gave its pylons a thorough inspection. The three men examined the bridge for fissures, corrosion and flaking, noting each anomaly on the original plans. Armed with this inventory, Le Havre’s CCI can now order customized repairs.


Record-setting catenary

When COSEA won the contract to design and build the South Europe/Atlantic high speed line, the consortium chose Infra Ingéniérie to deploy the V350 catenary, which set the world record for rail speed at 574.8 km/h. Using a design based on 30 years’ experience with catenaries on high-speed lines in France, the V350 is simple and efficient, helping to control investment and maintenance costs and delivering high-quality current collection to all pantographs.