Transpole: multimodal versatility

In the northern French city of Lille, officials wanted a 2020-ready transport network for a sprawling urban centre of 3 million. SNCF’s Keolis rose to the challenge.


Lille Métropole, the entity coordinating services in Greater Lille, had an eye on 2020. They needed to stretch their public transport system to accommodate rising traffic, be ready for the end of cheap petrol and step up the fight against climate change.
They wanted a partner that could design flexible modular transport to grow with an ambitious city. And they chose Keolis.


Working through local subsidiary Transpole, Keolis began deploying a wide range of complementary services. An expanded metro-bus-tram offer is expected to boost system use by 55%, reaching 242 million trips by 2017. A fleet of 10,000 bicycles will be deployed by 2014, and 100 car-sharing vehicles will ease traffic throughout Greater Lille. Today real-time iPhone traffic updates and a single contactless ticketing system for all modes of transport are already making life easier for the city’s residents and travellers will soon have a mobile app with real-time information on bicycles and parking spaces available at their local stations.

of trips involve a car or motorized two-wheeler, down from 56% in 2006

municipal bicycle service in France operated by Effia Transports

jobs created

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