Rail services

We work with transport and logistics operators, bringing added value to transport offers by customizing our services to meet their needs.


SNCF’s rail services are provided by three subsidiaries.


  • Multimodal transport—via rail, road and inland waterways—of cereal crops and other agricultural produce, from field to processer
  • Multimodal transport of bulk solids and waste for local authorities and industry.
  • Logistics solutions, including warehousing and handling


  • Multimodal transport (rail and combined rail-road) and dedicated inventory management for the chemical industry and the oil & gas sector


  • Logistics-related consultancy, engineering & IT

Advantage No. 1: Comprehensive logistics solutions managed by a single contact.
Advantage No. 2:
Environmental value added through services and tools that include the Bilan Carbone® online eco-calculator.
Advantage No. 3:
SNCF’s proven expertise in working with hazardous materials.



Sébastien Vacher
Tel: +33 (0)1 49 07 23 35 / +33 (0)6 15 15 64 51
E-mail: svacher@ermechem.com


Sylvestre Morin
Tel: +33 (0)1 48 13 91 99
E-mail: Sylvestre.morin@itnovem.com

tonnes of bulk solids and waste transported annually by Ecorail


tonnes of LNG transported by rail by Ermechem in 2011


of Fret SNCF freight contracts are digitally processed by Itnovem.


Transport and expertise for Solvin

To transport PVC products from its plant in Tavaux, France to Italy, chemical manufacturer Solvin chose a new-generation SNCF solution. Ermechem, the Group’s specialist hazardous materials transporter, provides wagons and coordinates traffic with Karl Schmidt, a road haulage specialist. Fret SNCF hauls the wagons in France, after which Captrain Italia takes over, delivering them to the Novara platform in the Piedmont. Containers are then dispatched to destinations throughout Italy.