Real Estate

The Real Estate Division manages SNCF’s real estate assets for optimum value, selling rail properties to public, semi-public or private entities for urban development.


Working closely with local governments and professionals in real estate and development, we improve the unused portions of SNCF’s portfolio.

  • Properties are sold by SNCF subsidiary S2FIT.
  • Assets that can be converted into valuable urban properties are developed by Espaces Ferroviaires, SNCF’s development subsidiary, and resold in buildable lots.

Advantage No. 1. Large rail properties in prime downtown areas
Advantage No. 2.
Opportunities throughout France
Advantage No. 3. Seven regional offices in strategic locations


Real Estate Office (Corporate headquarters)

Real Estate Office (Corporate headquarters)
9, rue Jean-Philippe Rameau
93 212 Saint-Denis

Regional Real Estate Office for Paris

5/7 Rue du Delta
75009 Paris – CRT PSL
01 53 32 70 00

DTI Ouest / Western Regional Real Estate Office

60 rue Blaise Pascal
37000 TOURS
02 46 67 38 00

DTI Nord / Northern Regional Real Estate Office

Immeuble Perspective
449 avenue Willy Brandt
59777 Lille CRT Lille
03 62 13 57 28

DTI Est / Eastern Regional Real Estate Office

20, Rue André PINGAT
03 51 01 99 25

DTI Sud-est / Southeastern Regional Real Estate Office

19 avenue Georges Pompidou
69003 Lyon CRT Lyon
04 27 44 55 79

DTI Sud-ouest / Southwestern Regional Real Estate Office

25 rue du Chinchauvaud
87065 Limoges CRT Limoges
05 55 11 27 15

DTI Méditerranée / Mediterranean Regional Real Estate Office

Délégation Territoriale Immobilière Méditerranée
4 rue Léon Gozlan
13331 Marseille Cedex 3 cs 70014 - CRT Marseille
04 95 04 16 18

million sq m of land

million sq m of building space, including 2.6 million sq m of train station space managed by Gares & Connexions


Transforming a Paris neighbourhood

When SNCF closed its IT centre on a 1.6-hectare property in the Batignolles neighbourhood of Paris, it paved the way for the new Saussure development. Working with the City of Paris, Espaces Ferroviaires improved the property, building 28,000 sq m of housing, later sold to developers, and two office buildings that were developed jointly with Sodearif, a subsidiary of Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France.