SNCF Développement

As SNCF’s subsidiary for economic development and entrepreneurship, SNCF Développement helps clients plan and manage projects that meet the challenge of economic and regional change.

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SNCF Développement guides regional economies through the changing industrial landscape and helps entrepreneurs start or expand businesses that will create the jobs of tomorrow. We focus on the unique structure of each ecosystem, offering a range of services in three areas of expertise:

  • administrative and financial services
  • project engineering and consultancy
  • communications and partnerships

Advantage No. 1. Close partnerships with local officials and other economic stakeholders.
Advantage No. 2.
Access to a dedicated €3.5m fund for equity loans (prêts participatifs) and convertible bonds.
Advantage No. 3.
Consultants with expertise in a range of disciplines who will work with you in your region.

SNCF employees assisted per year is our goal

jobs created in redevelopment areas in 2011

in equity loans granted in 2011


Saving jobs in Chalindrey

In 2010, SNCF committed to preserving the jobs of 250 employees in and around Chalindrey, in eastern France—and that’s how the SNCF Développement initiative began. One year on, the results are encouraging: the Group is examining the possibility of setting up a demolition and asbestos removal facility, six contractors have been selected, and loans worth €275,000 granted, creating 35 jobs. New daily TGV service between Metz and Marseille via Culmont-Chalindrey has also raised the region’s profile.