SNCF’s Security Division works with nearly 370 local authorities in France through Councils on Security and Crime Prevention, tackling everything from surveillance and patrols to outreach programmes in schools and assisting the homeless.

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Many French communities fight crime through a local Council on Security and Crime Prevention (CLSPD)—or even a regional one (CISPD). Within these groups, mayors and local police join representatives from the Ministries of Education and Justice, associations and transport companies to identify solutions and make them more effective through coordinated action. Initiatives include:

  • Video surveillance
  • Joint patrols by SNCF security personnel, and local police.
  • Outreach initiatives, including presentations in schools talks, employment programs for the jobless, and line mediators

Advantage No. 1. SNCF expert representatives work with CLSPDs
Advantage No. 2.
Long institutional memory and experience with programmes that work
Advantage No. 3.
Dedicated, restricted-access website for CLSPD members



Getting Méru back to normal

When two train conductors were attacked at the Méru station in 2009, the community’s CLSPD swung into action to address rising crime and train delays on the Paris-Méru-Beauvais line. Sixteen video surveillance cameras were installed and linked to the local police station to deter crime, talks were organized at schools to raise awareness, mediators reassured passengers aboard trains, and a special surveillance unit began monitoring the Beauvais-Méru-Creil rail triangle. The result: crime fell 40% in 2011 and continues to decline.