Cycling in Rennes

The city of Rennes chose the Keolis group to deploy a bike-sharing programme on the cutting edge of inter-modal transport.


In 1997, Rennes launched the very first computerized bike-sharing system in France—well ahead of Paris and La Rochelle. A decade later the city had grown, and its residents had new ways of getting around. In 2009, city authorities launched a competitive selection process to deploy and ultimately manage 1,285 bikes and 117 rental stations, to be accessible 24/7 in Rennes and four neighbouring communities.
Rennes was looking for a partner that could put cycling on an equal footing with the rest of its transport system.


The Keolis solution appealed to the city for several reasons. First, it offered swift, visible progress: Keolis pledged to deploy 900 bikes and 82 rental stations within six months. In addition to the bike-sharing programme, Keolis proposed creating secure shelters for private bike parking to encourage every kind of cycling. And by advocating the KorriGo ticketing scheme, which can also be used for buses, metro and regional trains, Keolis made bike-sharing an integral part of the Rennes transport network.

of the bicycle fleet is replaced each year.

stations are clustered in downtown Rennes.

bikes are available at the train station for the last leg of the journey.

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