green logistics
for cities

E-commerce is boosting traffic in city centres—even as tighter regulation of vehicle traffic hampers deliveries. The solution? Sustainable urban freight, brought to you by SNCF’s Geodis subsidiary.

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Geodis offers a new model for urban logistics, combining efficient structure with next-generation green vehicles.

  • Loads are pooled at platforms on city outskirts, then routed to Blue logistics bases close to commercial areas.
  • For final delivery, loads are sorted by size: small packages travel in light electrical vehicles, while goods weighing more than 200 kg are transported by hybrid trucks that meet Euro 5 or 6 emissions standards.

Advantage No. 1. Guaranteed availability of just-in-time goods.
Advantage No 2.
Early compliance with French environmental regulations.
Advantage No 3.
A Europe-wide multimodal network within 5 years.


SNCF Geodis
Cap West – 7/9 allée de l’Europe
92615 Clichy Cedex
Tel: +33 (0)1 56 76 26 00

BLUE logistics bases throughout Paris by 2015

less CO2 emitted in Paris by 2015—thanks to Distripolis.


Geodis and Carrefour test first hybrid refrigerated truck

In early 2011, Geodis decided to test the world’s first hybrid refrigerated truck for Distripolis, while the Carrefour hypermarket chain offered to participate as part of its sustainability programme. Carrefour’s six stores in downtown Lille, in northern France are now supplied by a 26-tonne, Euro 5-compliant vehicle cooled by liquid nitrogen, which emits no CO2.