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A 70% subsidiary of SNCF, Keolis designs and operates networks combining all modes of transport in 16 countries around the world.

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Keolis designs the right transport solution for your community, meeting the challenges of your location and adjusting for the transport needs of your residents.

  • We can help with every type of transport, from designing the ideal urban network to specific solutions for students and passengers with limited mobility.
  • We offer related services, including multimodal ticketing solutions and real-time updates via mobile and Internet.
  • Our expertise covers every type of transport—buses and coaches, fully-automated metros, trams, trains, bicycles, parking, car-sharing, ferries and airport management.

Advantage No. 1. A presence across the entire transport chain that facilitates multimodal connections.
Advantage No. 2.
In-depth analysis of passenger and client needs.
Advantage No. 3.
A broad range of transport experience in France and abroad, so you’ll benefit from best practices — guaranteed.


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of our business comes from outside France.

carrier of passengers with limited mobility in France

for bicycles in France


Starting from scratch in Lyon

A series of changes had made the Greater Lyon bus network highly complex. How could the city update it to keep pace with new lifestyles and modes of transport? That was the challenge facing Keolis.
Our solution: rethink the whole system. Bus lines were reorganized by priority and connected to the city’s metro, trams and trains; some 250 new drivers were recruited; and 79 articulated buses were purchased. The reinvented bus system is expected to increase the number of users by 8-10% as early as 2012.

Dijon's new tram line

Keolis operates the leading tram line in the Dijon metropolitan area. At 8.5 km long, it links the city of Dijon to the town of Quetigny in the eastern suburbs and serves a total of 17 stops, including the SNCF station, the city centre, the university, the football stadium, and the university’s hospital centre. The tram also helps users connect with Dijon's other modes of transport, from TER regional trains to buses and bike-sharing. A second line covering 12 km was inaugurated on 8 December 2012.

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