Access for
the Disabled

Our stations, trains and passenger information systems are designed to accommodate every type of disability, and we’ve created special assistance services that make it easier for everyone to get around in stations and on trains. Travel for everyone means delivering services that are right for you, no matter what your circumstances.

Consult the SNCF Accessibility site (in French)

Download the SNCF Reduced Mobility Guide (in French)

Special assistance

To help plan and simplify your journey, we offer special assistance services just for you.

  • Accès Plus, available in nearly 360 stations throughout the French national network, helps you plan your journey and provides a companion to meet you at the station and take you to your seat on the train. When you arrive at your destination, another SNCF employee is waiting, and if you have a connecting train in the same station, he will escort you on board.
  • If you’re taking a regional train, an Accès TER representative can meet you and accompany you to your train. In the Paris region, we offer special assistance through our Accès Plus Transilien service.
  • If you’re travelling between Lille, Lyon and Rennes, Accès Synchro can assist you from your home to your destination.
  • An access helpline is available 7.00-22.00 to address any difficulties you encounter during your journey. If you’re deaf or hearing-impaired, send us an SMS*.

*Available 07.00-22.00. From outside France, dial +33(0) 890 640 650 and press 2 (€0.11/min incl. tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider). Or send an SMS to +33(0) 610 640 650 (no surcharge).



Station facilities

A range of special equipment makes our stations accessible—making it easier for you to reach our stations and move through them.

  • If you use a wheelchair, you’ll find elevators and mobile ramps to help you board your train.
  • If you are visually impaired, you’ll find guide trails that you can detect with your cane, as well as GPS-style audio locator signals.
  • Information in Braille is provided on stairway handrails and other areas to help you orient yourself.
  • Special sound loops, often present in ticket offices and passenger waiting areas, capture sound and relay it directly to your hearing aid, filtering out extraneous noise so you can carry on a conversation.
  • Jade, our virtual interpreter, translates station announcements into sign language on display screens.

On trains

We do everything we can to make your journey as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

  • Dedicated areas are wider to accommodate passengers travelling in wheelchairs.
  • Automated universal restrooms are ergonomically designed and comply with accessibility standards for the disabled.
  • Signposting uses clear symbols and contrasting colours that are easy for everyone to understand.
  • “Table +” design means tray tables fold vertically, facilitating access for passengers with wheelchairs or reduced mobility.

Travel escorts

  • Les Compagnons du voyage. Want a travelling companion? Compagnons du Voyage, an association created by SNCF and RATP, provides paid companions for children, the elderly and the disabled using the public transport system. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional traveller, Compagnons du Voyage is at your service seven days a week, throughout France and even abroad.
  • Discounts for your travelling companion. If your disability is rated at 80% or higher and your disability card is marked “Needs companion”, “Needs companion due to visual impairment”, “Third person”, “Blindness” and/or “Green star”, your travelling companion’s ticket is free. If your disability card has no special designation or is marked “Difficulty standing” and/or “White cane,” your travelling companion qualifies for a 50% fare reduction.
  • Guide dogs travel free. Your guide or companion dog travels with you for free and requires no ticket in any of our trains. Simply bring the papers documenting his training.