Food and Kiosk
on board

A truly relaxing experience

in the TGV café-bar

The café-bar in your TGV train is designed just for you—a relaxed, friendly space that’s perfect for having coffee, chatting with friends or colleagues, enjoying a hot meal, or catching up on the latest news. And because your satisfaction is our priority, we’ve reinvented on-board menus, partnering with brands that are known for their quality products. That’s why our café-bar offering now includes Monop’Daily foods, Illy coffee, and 100% organic meals from Boco. Created by leading chefs, these new offerings will tickle your tastebuds.

And with our TGV Pro Premiere business service, you can enjoy your meal in the café-bar or savour it in the comfort of your seat—it’s up to you.

It’s easy to find the café-bar in your TGV: just head for car 4 or 14.

Kiosk & onboard

Your TGV café-bar offers more than food. At the kiosk you can purchase a wide selection of DVDs, magazines and games. On Paris-bound trains, you can even buy metro tickets—a great way to avoid queues when you arrive!

On iDTGV trains, the barista is also a DJ. Ask for special clips and music to suit your mood—iDzen or iDzap.

Service at
your seat

If you don’t feel like getting up, we’ll bring the food to you! On all Intercité trains requiring reservations you can have your meal served at your seat.

And on some TGVs—Paris-Lille, Paris-Metz et Paris- Nancy, as well as TGV Lyria, Eurostar and France Italy—our vendors will come through your carriage with a selection of food items. Hot or cold drinks, sweet or savory snacks: the choice is up to you!

Vending machines

On Intercité night trains, you’ll find a wide choice of snacks, plus hot and cold beverages—everything from a quick bite to something more substantial.