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Time flies when you’re on a TGV. With peak speeds of 320 km/h, TGVs carry millions of passengers a year—business people, families and tourists who like the quiet ride, reliability and safety our high-speed trains have offered for three decades. With some 450 TGVs now serving 230 destinations, you can travel to major cities in France and across Europe and return the same day, alighting in the very heart of town. 


  • record-setting service that saves you time: Paris-Marseille in 3 hours 05 min, Paris-Lille in 1 hour 02 min
  • a wide choice of return trips every day: 21 trains between Paris and Bordeaux; 19 between Lyon and Marseille; 16 between Paris and Strasbourg; 13 between Paris and Aix-en-Provence; and 4 between Rennes and Lille.
  • the new Rhine-Rhone TGV line, running on its first 140-km section since 8 September 2011 and linking Villers-Les-Pots near Dijon with Petit-Croix to the east.
  • 2 billion passengers carried since 1981

Services on board

Travel light

We can pick up your luggage at your home and deliver it to your destination in 24 hours.

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Junior & Cie

Is your child travelling alone? During school holidays and weekends, our trained staff will look after youngsters age 4 to 14 on board, then hand them over to a designated adult at their destination. This service is available for 17 towns and cities in France.

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TGV Family

If you’re travelling with children during summer or winter holidays, look into our special TGV Family areas. Throughout the trip, kids are kept entertained with shows, board games and workshops organized by coordinators, leaving you free to watch a film or read a magazine.

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Check train timetables, fares and special deals from your iPhone—anytime, anywhere. Download our app to your phone, and you can book a seat, place an option, pay with your credit card and pick up your ticket at the station. You can also consult a record of past trips.

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