Group travel

Travelling in a group of 4, 10 or 40? With our special deals and services, you’ll go far. We’ve got everything from reduced fares to custom packages—even a whole carriage just for you.

Group fares

Groups of 10 or more get a group discount.

On TGV, Thalys, Lyria and Intercité trains, groups of adults or groups of young people under 26 can save up to 70%, depending on travel dates and times.

Discounts on normal fares are subject to availability on TGV and Intercité trains requiring reservations. For Intercité trains without required reservations, discounted fares are valid for any trip beginning in an off-peak period.

On Transilien trains, school groups of ten or more and groups of under-16s accompanied by an adult are entitled to a 50% discount on:

  • single tickets and books of tickets
  • “t +” ticket book

Mini-group fares

On Intercité trains, groups of 3, 4, 5 or 6 get a 60% discount on normal fares when travelling to selected destinations, subject to availability. One additional condition applies: you must buy return tickets and spend at least Saturday night at your destination.

On TER trains, some regions offer discounts for mini-groups of two or more.



Call your SNCF Voyages agent on 0810 879 479 (local call rate from a landline)

Package deals

Want to organize a group trip to explore a city or region, but without the hassle? We create package deals for group trips in France and throughout Europe, combining train travel, accommodations, transfers, meals and guided tours.

Spend a relaxing weekend on France’s Atlantic coast. Visit Barcelona with your own private guide. Take a cruise and explore ancient civilizations. We’ll design the trip you want and negotiate with our partners for the best prices.

Package deals can be arranged from groups of ten or more people of any age.

Professionals and companies can take advantage of our exclusive Business Trip deals for travel, conferences and events.

for groups

Want to go on a birthday trip, travel to a sporting event with fellow fans, or take your employees to a meeting or conference? Why not reserve an entire SNCF carriage—or even more? For groups of 30 or more travelling on a day or overnight train or TGV, we offer group deals and space to work, play or dance. On TGVs, you can have one 1st-class carriage or two 2nd-class carriages all to yourselves!

If you’re planning a bigger event, we can schedule a whole train for a group of 400, subject to availability. Contact us for more information.

SNCF can arrange:

  • meals
  • coach transfers
  • baggage handling services
  • cancellation and repatriation insurance.



To learn more about our travel assistance services, call +33 810 879 479 (local call rate from a landline)