Age 26-59

You’ve heard about our low Loisir, Prem’s and iDTGV fares. An Escapades railcard lets you travel for less—even at the last minute.


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Escapades railcard

Do you travel a lot or enjoy taking weekend breaks on the spur of the moment? We’ve designed our Escapades railcard with you in mind.

For €76, this card gives you discounted fares for a full year:

  • 25-50% off TGV and Intercité trains requiring reservations
  • 50% off TER and Intercité trains requiring no reservations—right up to departure—for trips starting in off-peak periods
  • a guaranteed 25% discount until the last seat is sold in all other cases, regardless of train type and departure time

To qualify, you must make a return trip of over 200 km on a Saturday or Sunday, or stay overnight Saturday before your return.

No railcard

If you’re age 26 to 60 and don’t have a railcard, here’s how to get lower fares.

Plan ahead for discounted fares with Prem’s, Loisir and iDTGV.
Select Loisir fares for more flexible ticket exchange and refund options.
If you’re travelling with friends or family, look into our special offers for groups of 3 or more.

You may also qualify for special fares for:

  • business travellers
  • jobseekers



For more information, ask your regular contacts or call 3635 (€0.34/minute incl. VAT, plus any fees charged by your service provider). From outside France, call +33 892 35 35 35.