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Do you commute to work by train—or travel to see your family at weekends? Check our special fares for daily and frequent travel.


If you take TER to work, look into our daily travel discounts. Depending on your region, a TER pass gives you:

  • unlimited travel on one TER line
  • a package deal including other urban transport networks

Choose from a weekly, monthly or annual pass.

Are you still in school or in higher education? Apply for a student/apprentice pass, and travel from home to your place of study at a reduced fare. 

To qualify for these passes, have your employer sign the appropriate SNCF form. Then simply purchase a weekly or monthly pass at your station or your region’s TER site.

Learn about these offers
at your region’s TER site
(in French)

By TGV or Intercités train

Do you take a TGV or Intercités train at least twice a month? With a Fréquence pass, you’re guaranteed to get 50% off:

  • a defined route
  • any line outside Greater Paris

If you travel 1st or 2nd class, Fréquence gives you maximum flexibility to exchange your ticket or get a refund.

Do you travel by TGV several times a week?  Choose an unlimited Forfait pass, and pay only your seat reservation in 1st or 2nd class. Choose from:

  • a weekly or monthly pass for a defined route
  • a monthly pass for all of France (except Greater Paris):

With Intercités trains, a Forfait pass gives you unlimited travel on a defined route.

If you are a pupil under 21, a student under 26, or an apprentice under 23 and you travel on TGV or Intercités trains, you may qualify for a special pass that allows you to take up to nine 2nd class trips a month and pay only the reservation fee. After the ninth trip, you still get 50% off the full Loisir fare.

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Intercités fares and passes

SNCF sales office

Get more information from staff in our sales offices or in authorized travel agencies.

By Transilien

If you’re a Greater Paris resident and you travel by Transilien, you can choose from several options based on our Navigo pass:

  • weekly: valid Monday to Sunday
  • monthly: valid from the first to last day of the month
  • annual

Enjoy unlimited travel in Greater Paris with these passes.

Visit the Transilien network site

By Thalys

Say your company is headquartered in Belgium, or your parents have moved to Germany, or your best friend lives in the Netherlands. There’s a Thalys pass just for you.

The flat fee you paywill determine when you can travel and what you pay, as well as your eligibility for ticket exchanges and refunds.

Visit Thalys

By Eurostar

If your work takes you to Britain regularly, try the Frequent Traveller railcard, a loyalty programme that allows you to accumulate points you can exchange for more tickets—and you also get a range of exclusive benefits.

Eurostar Frequent Traveller

By TGV Lyria

Travel to Switzerland often? If so, take advantage of our pass and get up to 51% off regular fares.

The Fréquence Lyria pass