the public

Our core mission: providing seamless, door-to-door mobility for everyone, everywhere


Our public-sector status makes us the backbone and the architect of mass mobility. We’re proud of that.

  • Getting you there is our business: we serve the public.

  • SNCF makes social progress a core priority. From the very start, our role has been to promote regional growth and development throughout France.

  • We offer a range of fares to meet your needs, including Familles Nombreuses railcards, discounts on annual holiday travel, reduced fares for job-seekers and students, and more.

  • Our parent company SNCF is a state-owned industrial and commercial enterprise (EPIC).

invested by the French State to upgrade our network from 2007-2014


Profits are not incompatible with our state-owned status (EPIC): they help us expand and improve our network.

Our ties to the French state

The rail industry is not an ordinary business. In the words of economist Gunther Capelle-Blancard “Rail transport has the characteristics of a natural monopoly, especially given operating and infrastructure costs.” This is why the state is our sole owner.

As an EPIC, SNCF has no shares and no capital as such. The French state receives the equivalent of a “dividend” that corresponds to 30% of our consolidated recurring net profit.