Where mobility
meets simplicity

Multimodality. For you, it means moving easily between different modes of transport—train, tram, car-sharing or bike-sharing. The result is simpler journeys and a more fluid transport system for everyone. Freight feels the benefit too, transferring seamlessly from sea to rail and road to waterway.
Multimodality. A new, end-to-end transport offer that never stops adapting to the place where you live.

Flexible transport in Pau

The second-largest city in France’s Aquitaine region, Pau has made multimodal transport a reality. A bus service operating at regular intervals, a bike-sharing scheme and car-sharing solutions combine to give residents a diversified transport system that meets all their mobility needs.
The result: everyone saves time, and the city has its transport budget under control, since passengers pay only for what they use.

tonnes less CO2 by 2020, thanks to rail-motorway transport

Connecting transport modes creates more seamless mobility—for people and goods.

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