Freight and
logistics services

SNCF offers end-to-end logistics solutions in France, throughout Europe and around the world.

Road, rail and intermodal

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SNCF Group delivers all types of freight Europe-wide, using every mode of transport: road, rail, multimodal rail/road or sea, and rail motorway along three major European trade routes.

agencies in 25 European countries, all working to the same high standards

specialized freight agents

European countriecovered by the Captrain network

Global logistics solutions

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For customized logistics tailored to your model and business, come to Geodis Logistics. Our 4PL division puts IBM’s expertise to work for you, allowing you to outsource your entire logistics chain.

sites throughout Europe

networked employees to manage your supply chain flows from end to end

Industry-specific logistics solutions

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SNCF’s subsidiaries offer logistics solutions designed specifically for key industries:  STVA for automotive, Ecorail for agriculture, and Ermechem for chemicals and energy. And for the all-important last kilometre, Geodis offers Distripolis, our green logistics solution for cities. 

vehicles handled annually

less CO2 emitted in Paris by 2015—thanks to Distripolis.

Freight forwarding

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An expert in freight forwarding by air and sea, Geodis Wilson operates in over 120 countries. Come to us for services ranging from basic freight forwarding to integrated supply-chain management.

offices plus air and sea hubs in 51 countries


Software and IT services

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We provide traceability, calculate your environmental impact and develop software specifically for rail and multimodal transport. If you’re ready to optimize your transport logistics chain, call Itnovem.