Cinema, photo shoots & events

SNCF trains and stations are available for your film, advertising and fashion shoots, and our Expo Trains take you to your target audience—anywhere in France.

Cinema & filming

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For over 30 years, SNCF trains and stations have served as backdrops for film, advertising and fashion. Cinéma & Tournages helps you get the location you need.

requests handled annually

of French feature films, on average, include scenes in trains or stations

SNCF Expo Trains

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Trains Expo, an SNCF subsidiary, offers travelling exhibits that can take your brand or your company into the heart of a city. We go where your customers are.

visitors during the average 15-day tour.

Special trains by SNCF—a unique experience

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Want your group to share a unique travel experience? Let us create a special train with services designed just for you. Safe, comfortable and eco-friendly, an SNCF charter is sure to make your event a success.