Two billion passengers pass through French railway stations each year. At SNCF, we’re bringing these spaces to life. If you need to build or improve a station, create or manage a parking facility, or set up a shop or public service hotspot (PIMMS), you’ve come to the right place.

Making your station a vital urban hub

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SNCF’s Gares & Connexions division manages and develops the French rail network’s 3,029 stations, working closely with local communities.

stations in France

sq m of in-station shops managed

Improvements and construction

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AREP—a subsidiary of SNCF’s Gares & Connexions division— specializes in designing spaces for crowd flow. Our multidisciplinary teams support major town planning and architecture projects all over the world.

employees, including town planners, architects, engineers, economists, technicians, designers and graphic artists

projects completed in 15 countries since our founding in 1997

Parking with EFFIA

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EFFIA offers customized parking solutions to communities and private-sector decision-makers.

parking facilities throughout France

spots in parking facilities or at roadside