Real estate

SNCF is making the most of its properties throughout France, working closely with cities to rejuvenate urban neighbourhoods. We also put our large real estate portfolio to work to support public housing policy.

Real estate operations

Our Offer

The Real Estate Division manages SNCF’s real estate assets for optimum value, selling rail properties to public, semi-public or private entities for urban development.

million sq m of land

million sq m of building space, including 2.6 million sq m of train station space managed by Gares & Connexions

Residential property

Our offer

With a portfolio of nearly 100,000 residential units combining public and market housing, ICF Habitat is a powerful force in French real estate, advancing the goals of public policymakers and of our core shareholder, SNCF.

housing units built or acquired by 2018, including 19,500 public housing units

housing units renovated by 2018, including 24,000 public housing units