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EFFIA offers customized parking solutions to communities and private-sector decision-makers.

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Backed by over two decades of experience, EFFIA delivers parking solutions that address the challenges facing cities, transport operators, shopping centres, hospitals and businesses.

  • We design and produce every kind of facility, from underground garages to recyclable metal structures—even roadside parking.
  • We can provide financing for all or part of your investment.
  • We can manage and maintain your facility, ensuring smooth operation.
  • We also make life easier for clients by offering value-added services—information, reservations, valet parking, car-washing, recharging stations for electric vehicles, and more.

Advantage No. 1. EFFIA is not affiliated with any construction company, so provides independent advice.
Advantage No. 2.
Our partners have access to financing that gives them freedom of choice.
Advantage No. 3.
All EFFIA parking facilities are ISO 9001-certified.

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A guaranteed parking spot

With EFFIA’s Resaplace service, clients can reserve a parking space in any of our nearly 90 facilities via landline, mobile phone or Internet, and save time by paying on line. There’s an option for everyone—Premium for personal service, Classique for a guaranteed spot, and Express for last-minute reservations—plus a wealth of handy information at Bottom line: 690,000 visits and 58,500 reservations in 2011.