Cycling with Cykleo

Cykleo is the number-two source for cycling solutions in France. We help communities bring eco-friendly transport into the mainstream.

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A subsidiary of Keolis Group, Cykleo designs, produces and operates all of the equipment you need to encourage cycling in your community. With our flexible offering, you can craft a cycling solution that meets your city’s needs.

  • 24/7 bike-sharing at stations near hubs that generate traffic.
  • Short- and medium-term rentals—ideal for students and tourists.
  • Two choices of dedicated parking for privately owned bicycles: on-street facilities with a self-service rack system, and secured facilities with individual covered storage.

Advantage No. 1. Preliminary studies ensure that your cycling project is the right fit for your community.
Advantage No. 2.
You select only the services you need, from design through installation, launch and operation.
Advantage No. 3.
We offer related services, including a welcome desk, information, ticket sales and memberships.


bicycles under management in 15 cities

employees with specialized expertise in cycling solutions


Rennes sets the pace

In 1997, Rennes became the first city in France to launch a bike-sharing programme. A decade later, the city chose Cykleo to deploy an expanded system of 1,300 bicycles and 117 stations for the entire metropolitan area. Within 6 months, Cykleo  had made 900 bicycles available in 82 stations. We also created a network of secure facilities to encourage residents to ride their own bikes, and used the existing multimodal ticketing system to make cycling an integral part of the city’s existing transport offer.