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SNCF subsidiary RITMx delivers ticketing software solutions to clients in the transport industry, in France and around the world.

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RITMx helps organising authorities and transport operators with design and integration of custom ticketing solutions, making it easier for users to buy and reload all types of tickets.

  • Multimodal: trains, buses, metro systems, trams, bicycles and car-sharing.
  • Multi-offer: tickets for transport and parking, museums, festivals and more.
  • Multimedia: paper tickets, smart cards, USB drives, and mobile phones.
  • Multi-channel: ticket windows, vending machines, third-party vendors, Internet, smartphone.

Advantage No. 1. Our solutions are highly secure.
Advantage No. 2.
Equipment suppliers are independent, so you can mix and match the best components on the market.
Advantage No. 3.
RITMx is an open system, making deployment and upgrades easier.


Tel: +33 (0)1 53 25 73 51
E-mail: contact@ritmx.com

platform availability, including time for maintenance and updates


Your USB drive is your ticket

STIF, the organizing authority for the Paris public transport network, wanted to say goodbye to long lines at ticket windows and vending machines. To create a high-density distribution network at minimum cost, STIF chose RITMx and its e-VAD remote sales solution. With e-VAD, transport users can reload their Navigo smart cards for the week or the month from any computer, simply by visiting the website of the Paris regional transport authority (www.transilien.com). The most recent ticketing vector tested is a USB drive enabled with near-field communication (NFC): with this contactless technology, the experiment’s 1,200 participants can access every mode of transport throughout the region.