The go-anywhere card

A leader in intermodal transport, the Rhone-Alps region chose SNCF to deploy its multimodal ticketing system on a grand scale.


The number of transport services and ticketing systems in the Rhone-Alps region was rising rapidly, driven by some 30 transport organising authorities. And starting in 2005, the Regional Council launched a ticketing interoperability charter, signed by 25 organising authorities, to encourage use of public transport. The goal: to create a single ticketing system for the regional, local and intercity networks, and to offer attractive multimodal fares.

The region then began looking for a technical expert to make its single-ticket initiative a success.


The solution they chose was a smart card called OùRA!—“hurray!” but also shorthand for the French slogan “Go anywhere in Rhone-Alps!” (Allez Où vous voulez en Rhône-Alpes!). Users can now access regional trains, coaches, buses, trams and metro systems with a single card, which is gradually spreading throughout the region. Bottom line: less expensive, more convenient access to the entire network. The OùRA! card also gives the Regional Council a valuable tool for managing the Rhone-Alps transport offer, since it can be used to access bike-sharing services and parking facilities. Ultimately, OùRA! will be the only ticket anyone needs to get around the region.

organizing authorities in the Rhone-Alps region have adopted the OùRA! card

OùRA! cards had been distributed by the end of 2010.