Carpooling joins
the travel network

Transilien SNCF, the commuter network serving Paris and its surroundings, is betting on new technologies to encourage commuters to carpool to and from the station.


Everyone benefits when commuters carpool to and from the station. For passengers, carpooling means less stress and less money spent on their cars. For cities, it means less traffic, cleaner air, and a better quality of life. For SNCF, it means more parking at the station, less environmental impact, and end-to-end mobility for our clients. The challenge was providing passengers with real-time information on carpooling supply and demand.

That’s why SNCF became a shareholder in Greencove Ingénierie, France’s leading carpool company.


Beginning in 2009, the two partners tested carpooling service in 23 stations outside Paris, using a dedicated tab on the website of the regional transport authority. Today the service is available at every station in the network, except in Paris itself, and travellers can use a mobile website ( to make real-time connections with car-poolers in every station along their route. Display panels tested in Houdan, west of Paris, provide information on station platforms and parking areas, enabling passengers to arrange carpooling up to the last minute.

residents of the Paris region may benefit

participants have signed up on the carpooling website

different carpool routes are available to and from stations in the Paris region.