Solving the homeless problem

Every day, millions of passengers pass hundreds of homeless people seeking shelter in stations. SNCF has stepped in to help the homeless and keep stations safe and attractive.


Many organizations are working together to fight homelessness. And in over two decades of involvement, SNCF has been a major contributor to two initiatives that have made these efforts far more effective. One is in-station centres set up to listen to the homeless, point them to the right sources of support, and coordinate stakeholders. The second, in place since 2010, is based on joint analysis of social issues in train stations by SNCF employees, in-station service providers, social services, associations and local institutions. All of these stakeholders meet two or three times a year to ensure that their efforts are complementary.


SNCF supports the roving social workers who reach out to homeless people in stations. In Paris, for example, eight SNCF employees have been assigned to partner with SAMU Social, an organization that assists people in distress. SAMU Social helps operate the in-station help centres in Metz, Strasbourg and Tours, each of which helps nearly 6,000 people a year. SNCF also supports daytime shelters near our four major stations in Paris, and we help fund and operate five emergency shelters in Paris and a sixth in Avignon.

stations will have homeless assistance programmes In place by 2013.

emergency shelters in Paris and Avignon