Teaching respect with IMS

Teachers can count on SNCF to make students more aware of their civic responsibilities and the environmental challenges facing our planet.


Every year, SNCF premises are the scene of deadly games, malicious alarm-pulling that lowers the quality of rail service, and expensive acts of incivility that include graffiti and fraud. SNCF has to take responsibility for its share of the problem: with its fast-moving trains, heavy traffic, and power lines, the rail network presents major risks, and it is relatively open. But ultimately, the rail system is public property and as such should be treated with respect.

In 2006, SNCF and the French Ministry of Education began developing Voyageur & Citoyen, a programme that teaches young people to practice safety and civic responsibility in the rail system.


Grounded in the values of civic responsibility, safety and sustainable development, the Voyageur & Citoyen programme targets students aged nine to 15 and has three components. First, the class can request a visit from an SNCF employee (ims@sncf.fr), who uses videos to explain responsible ridership and then opens the floor for discussion. Second, teachers can create their own activities using classroom aids available on line. Finally, a nationwide contest encourages young people to explore the same subjects through slam events, videos and other contemporary media.

young people are taught about safety and respect every year.

SNCF employees volunteer for the program and receive special training.

teaching tools can be downloaded for free at www.sncf.com.