Invite an SNCF rep
into your classroom

We'll send a sales representative, train driver, conductor or other SNCF employee to talk to your students about constructive behaviour in stations and trains.

& Citoyen

SNCF has teamed up with the Ministry for Education to develop Voyageur & Citoyen, a programme that teaches young people to follow safety guidelines and to show respect for other people and public property within the rail system.

Your own
SNCF speaker

Each year, 450 specially trained SNCF employees volunteer to visit schools and other venues, free of charge, to speak on responsible behaviour within the public transport system. Using video materials, they call on young people to play their part—and it works!


To invite an SNCF representative into your classroom:
Schools and other institutions near train stations and other rail sites are given priority.

Online resources for students
ages 8 to 18

If your school is unable to host an SNCF rep—or if you’re eager to round out a live presentation with additional study—explore our collection of free online resources. Available from January 2014, these resources include lesson materials, videos, quizzes and interactive animations, indexed by age level and organized around topics related to sustainability and good citizenship.

New resources for teachers (under construction)

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