Client Service

Fast and convenient, our hotline uses simple voice recognition to give you access to all our telephone services, from 07.00-22.00 every day.

From inside France, call 36 35 (€0.34/minute incl. tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider).

From outside France, call +33 8 92 35 35 35 (cost of an international call, plus any fees charged by your service provider).

The hotline is also available in English: just dial the number and press 1 as soon as you’re connected.

Traffic updates
and timetables

For real-time traffic updates, just say the key word “traffic” as soon as you connect to the hotline. Then follow the prompts: press pound (#) to learn the exact arrival time of a delayed train, or choose a geographic area.

For quick circulation info on a specific train, just say “my train”.

To access timetables, say “timetables”.

Buy or book
a ticket

Need to buy or book a ticket? As soon as you connect to 36 35, just say “ticket”. If you know the category you need, say “Loisir ticket” or “Pro ticket”.

For Train+Hotel or Train+Car Rental combo tickets, say “hotel” or “car”.

To buy or book a Eurostar ticket, say “Eurostar”; for a Thalys ticket, say “Thalys”. For other international tickets, say “other international lines”.

If you’d like to cancel a reservation before your departure, say “cancel”.

To track your order, call 09 70 60 99 60 (+33 9 70 60 99 60 from outside France) Monday through Saturday from 8.00-22.00, or Sunday from 10.00-20.00 (except holidays). There is no surcharge.

Using the hotline

To get instructions on using the hotline, simply say “guide” at any time.