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Intercités by SNCF

The classic French rail service, linking major towns and cities across the country, with 340 Intercité trains serving medium and long-distance routes. Operating day and night, they carry 100,000 passengers a day from region to region—for travel you can count on.

Intercités by SNCF:

  • trains linking Paris to other parts of France: Rouen (1 hour 10 min from Paris), Le Havre (2 hours 10 min), Caen (1 hour 47 min), Troyes (1 hour 22 min), Amiens (1 hour 08 min), Orléans (1 hour 03 min) and more
  • city-to-city links between French regions, including service between Bordeaux-Lyon, Quimper-Nantes-Bordeaux-Toulouse and Lyon-Tours-Nantes
  • 367 stations
  • 12 overnight trains help you save on hotels

On-board services

Bring your bicycle

All Intercité trains can carry your bicycle in standard luggage areas if you remove the wheels and pack them with the frame in a carrying bag. Some trains have special bicycle storage areas—no dismantling needed. But to travel really light, have our door-to-door service pick up your bike and deliver it to your address at your destination.

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For travellers who need a little extra help—pregnant women, minors, families with young children and seniors over 60—our door-to-train service is just the ticket. A personal travel assistant escorts you from your home to your seat in the train, and another reverses the process at your destination. Assistants can even help with last-minute shopping at the station.

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Luggage solutions

Porters and trolleys are available in stations to help carry your bags. Or leave luggage in a locker while you visit the town. Travelling with large cases, bags, baby pushchairs, skis in carrying bags and other bulky items? We’ll pick them up at your address and deliver them to your destination the next day.

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Eat at your seat

You've bought your Intercités ticket. Now you can order a meal for your journey over the Internet and have it delivered directly to your seat. Our Very'Inbox service offers three menu options: breakfast, our Découverte menu and our Saveurs menu. This service is available day and night on Intercités trains requiring reservations for journeys starting in Paris. You can place your order up to 72 hours before departure.

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