Special fares

Learn more about our reduced fares for salaried employees, students, apprentices, groups of children, active and retired military, and disabled passengers and their travelling companions on TGV, TER, Intercités and Transilien trains.


Do you commute to work by train? If your total journey is less than 75 km, you can save by buying a flat-rate, 2nd-class travel pass for an unlimited number of journeys between your home station and work station. Passes are valid for a week, a month or (in some regions) a full year.

To get your pass, ask for an application form in a station or SNCF sales office and have your employer fill it in.

If you are a salaried employee, retiree, pensioner or jobseeker, our Congé Annuel holiday programme offers you a 25%—in some cases even 50%—reduction on the full Loisir fare for one return journey a year. This annual paid holiday journey must be at least 200 km, excluding travel within the Greater Paris region.

Children’s groups

Are you organizing an outing with a group of children? For groups of 10 or more under the age of 15, youngsters and accompanying adults can qualify for a 75% reduction:

  • on all TGV high-speed trains and Intercité overnight trains, subject to availability (reduction applies to a range of fares)
  • on TER regional trains and Intercité trains during blue periods: see our annual calendar (a 30% reduction may be available during white periods).

In all other cases, regular Group fares may apply.

Consult our travellers’ calendar
for blue and white periods



Call 0810 879 479 (price of a local call from a landline, plus any fees charged by your service provider).


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Students and apprentices

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Stop in at an SNCF station or sales office to pick up an application form for TGV travel

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Learn more about TER passes in your region

Do you travel by TGV or Intercité train? If you are: under 21 and still at school; under 26 and enrolled in higher education; or under 23 and in an apprenticeship programme, you qualify for a travel pass that lets you pay only the booking fee for nine 2nd-class journeys each month. Additional journeys still qualify for a 50% reduction on full-fare Loisir tickets.

In TER regional trains, student and apprentice passes are available for reduced-fare travel between your home and place of study.

Military personnel

If you serve in the military, apply for our Militaire card and you can get discounts of up to 75% on TGV, Intercité and TER trains, and on Transilien trains outside zone 1.

And when you travel with family members, you can use our Famille Militaire card to get reductions of 25-50% for your spouse and children under 18. Your family must travel with you to get the discount, and your Famille Militaire card is valid only for the period covered by your Militaire card.

Disabled travellers and
accompanying persons

If you have a disability, you and your travelling companion qualify for special TGV, Intercité or TER fares ranging from 50% off to free, depending on the information on your disability card.

If you are a disabled veteran, you qualify for a 50-75% discount, depending on your disability rating.

On Transilien trains, disabled and blind passengers, accompanying persons, military retirees and disabled veterans with disability cards qualify for

  • free travel
  • 50% off one-way and return tickets, single or in books
  • 50% off "t+" tickets

On Thalys trains, passengers with disabilities and accompanying persons qualify for reduced fares.