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For ten years, SNCF has worked with Regional Councils to offer TER transport services in 20 French regions. Find out why our clients keep coming back.

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TER traffic is growing more than 6% annually—proof that we are attracting users. Designed in partnership with each organising authority, our offer is tailored to the mobility needs of each region’s passengers. We deliver:

  • An offer geared around rail service and timetables.
  • Customized, multimodal passenger information in real time
  • Passes, tickets, and other pricing services
  • Ticketing solutions: multimodal smartcards, mobile-based e-tickets, and more.
  • Equipment: expert advice on choosing the right next-generation trains

Advantage No. 1. A detailed contract describes our offer and applicable financing conditions.
Advantage No. 2.
Our commitments to quality service backed by a system of performance-related bonuses and penalties.
Advantage No. 3.
Our offer adapts to your mobility needs throughout the life of the contract.


passengers take TER trains every day.

TER lines are operated by SNCF. That’s 5,700 trains a day.


Door-to-door transport in Franche Comté

Keen to promote public transport, regional authorities in Franche Comté asked SNCF to develop intermodal services. Result: passengers can now use the FACILI'TER pass to transit from TER regional trains to buses and back in a range of towns and cities—Besançon, Belfort, Montbéliard, Lons-le-Saunier, Vesoul and Dijon. Timetables and connections for trains, buses and coaches are available from the region’s TER Client Relations Centre. And to get you from your home to the nearest station, there’s a website and a mobile app with details on car-sharing options in your area.