Purchase of goods and services is SNCF's second-largest budget item behind personnel/people costs, accounting for nearly 25% of total spending. Let's take a closer look at where this money goes.


Engineering works—to build and upgrade track, rail equipment and buildings. Made by SNCF for RFF, owner of the French rail network, these purchases have increased substantially in recent years to step up the pace of renovation.

Services—which are growing to meet rising customer expectations. They range from station and train maintenance to WiFi hotspots and onboard food and beverage service.

Supplies—a wide range of purchases, from technology for rolling stock to tools used by our sales and marketing staff.

Power for our trains and facilities (electricity, diesel and natural gas)—an integral part of anticipating consumption and seeking innovative solutions for CO2 emissions, eco-friendly alternatives and other issues.

Intellectual services—including engineering studies, IT support, service training, communication and more.