Engineering works

The works we commission focus on rail and related infrastructures, operating equipment for the rail system, and buildings.

Range, documents
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Structures requiring upgrades and other work include tracks, structures, electrical and signalling systems, and buildings. Made by SNCF for RFF, owner of the French rail network, these purchases have increased substantially in recent years to step up the pace of renovation.

Works on or near rail facilities
Terms & conditions for joint projects)

Implementation document IN08029 defines the process for authorizing work in areas subject to rail hazards. This process is designed to protect contractor employees from being struck by rail traffic, coming into contact with electric traction equipment, and other hazards.



Our qualification process ensures that your company has the legal, financial, technical and organizational capacity to deliver a specific product or service.

Qualification is required for the following categories of works and safety-related services:

  • Tracks
  • Upgrades to engineering structures
  • Signalling and telecommunications
  • Fixed installations for electrical traction (Works and construction planning)
  • Traffic announcement services
  • Management of operations on a portion of the French rail network to allow works on a closed line
  • External safety audits
  • "Prestations fixes"
  • "Prestations mobiles" (construction vehicles and work trains)

The procedure for works contracts and/or announcement services involves the following steps:

  • We conduct a preliminary interview to allow you to present your company and business, identify specialization(s) and geographical areas for which qualification can be considered, and examine the appropriateness of entering the qualification process. This interview is organized by the heads of our inter-regional purchasing units (Directeurs de Centrales d’Achats Interrégionales), the head of CSC ER M (Infrastructure), or by the qualification body (Procurement Division – Supplier Quality Division – Methods and Organization / Direction des Achats – Direction Déléguée Qualité Fournisseurs-Pôle Méthode et Organisation) in Paris—the choice is yours.
  • You complete a full application allowing us to determine whether you have the necessary administrative, legal, business, financial and technical capabilities, and whether you have a suitable quality management and safety process for the works or services to be provided. This application includes the feedback questionnaire and its administrative, financial, business, safety, technical and quality appendices.
  • Because preliminary visits to test sites and on-site visits require special techniques for certain specializations, clearances may be required.
  • If your business involves equipment designed specifically for rail works, your staff may be required to have special clearances and/or certifications for some specializations.
  • You must successfully complete a test project.
  • For each project that you may be awarded, you will receive a notice of qualification specifying:
    - Area of specialization
    - Maximum authorized amount per project subject to tender
    - Geographical area within which your company will be likely to work.


SNCF – Direction des Achats -Direction Déléguée Qualité Fournisseurs – Pôle Méthodes et Organisation
Groupe Qualification Travaux d’Infrastructure
18, rue de Dunkerque
75010 Paris
Tel: +33(0) 171 323 095
or +33(0) 171 323 094

Feedback and cost-sharing

Our feedback process identifies any areas where your company must take corrective measures to avoid action up to and including removal from our list of qualified providers.

You will be asked for a €2,250 application fee (excluding VAT) when the qualification process begins, or when qualification is transferred from a qualified company to a non-qualified company. This amount is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of your application.