At SNCF, we buy a wide range of supplies, from technical products for our equipment to sales tools for our sales and marketing personnel.

Range, documents
and contacts

We work with a variety of sources—from rail industry specialists to mass producers—to purchase a wide range of supplies for:

  • infrastructure
  • rolling stock
  • administrative and IT supplies (sales tools, office technology and furniture)
  • energy (electricity and diesel fuel to operate our trains)


Our qualification process ensures that your company has the legal, financial, technical and organizational capacity to deliver a specific type of item or service.

The procedure for supply contracts involves the following steps:

  • To ensure that your company is a good candidate for the qualification process, the SNCF contact for the appropriate purchasing entity conducts a preliminary interview at Purchasing Division headquarters in Lyon.
  • We ask you to submit a test quote as part of a call for tenders to assess your company’s competitiveness and capabilities.
  • You assemble and submit a qualification application, using the necessary contract documents.
  • If the items you will supply require specific technical surveillance, SNCF representatives may evaluate the manufacturing site that will produce them.

We may also supplement your company’s qualification with a certificate for specific items, particularly if the items you are supplying are safety-related. The timeline for receiving this supplemental certificate varies: it includes one testing phase in the manufacturing plant and another under actual operating conditions to evaluate the product’s reliability.

Your share of costs for a qualification application and evaluation of manufacturing sites is €2,500, not including VAT. This amount is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of your application.