Quality requirements

Every SNCF contract specifies our quality requirements.

quality under control

To keep our operations and the rail network safe, we constantly monitor the quality of the products and services we buy.

Applicable quality requirements are defined in each SNCF contract. In some cases, our partner businesses must have a Quality Management System that complies with ISO 9001.

Quality requirements appear in our Quality Specifications (QS—SQ below).




During the transition period when both versions of ISO 9001 are in effect, the requirements of SQ 901 D may be applied. After the transition period, only the requirements of SQ 901 E will apply.

Suppliers of manufactured goods
for the rail industry

SNCF can issue a rail quality certificate (Attestation Qualité Ferroviaire, or AQF) to suppliers with a certified Quality Management System: the certificate recognizes the supplier’s quality standards but does not exempt the supplier from inspection. Our Supplier Quality Division audits compliance with quality specifications and product quality during manufacturing.

For rolling stock, audits verify that production items are consistent with the certified sample. Suppliers are evaluated continually throughout performance of the contract, including storage, distribution and delivery.

suppliers of engineering work
and design studies

For suppliers of engineering work and design studies that exceed a specified value, quality surveillance includes a feedback form to be completed by both parties at the end of the project.

This allows service providers to improve their performance and gives ISO 9000-certified suppliers a customer feedback form.