to SMEs

When your small or medium-sized company does business with SNCF, you can count on support from a dedicated team and a mediator.

SME contact

We created SME Contact as part of our commitment to France’s Charte des Relations Inter-Entreprises, a charter that promotes responsible purchasing and fair, actively managed supplier relationships between major corporate clients and SMEs.

Our goal: become more familiar with the ever-changing SME network to build sustainable, trust-based relationships and make SMEs part of our business.

Set up in April 2011, SME Contact is a dedicated email account that small and medium-sized businesses can use to submit unsolicited proposals. Other benefits include:

  • allowing SMEs to contact us directly
  • giving SMEs an opportunity for dialogue
  • raising the profile of SMEs
  • opening a channel between SMEs and potential new clients.

Submitting a request
to the SME mediator

The role of SME Mediator was set up under the Charte des Relations Inter-Entreprises as a way to level the playing field, promote sustainable, trust-based relationships and bring SMEs into the corporate market. SNCF was one of the first companies to sign the Charter, and in April 2010 we named SNCF Secretary General Stéphane Volant as our SME Mediator.

How the Mediator can help

When SMEs have a disagreement with a major corporate client, they sometimes find it hard to get a hearing. The client’s size and the large number of players involved — purchasing agents, project managers, technical personnel, payment office personnel and more — are often the main source of the problem.

Our SME Mediator can help resolve these issues by:

  • ensuring that the SME’s voice is heard
  • giving SMEs the option of an amicable hearing
  • encouraging dialogue at the right level.