At SNCF, we comply with public procurement guidelines and define quality requirements in each contract, working with suppliers to reach ever-higher standards.

Public procurement guidelines

As a state-owned enterprise, SNCF follows public procurement guidelines to the letter. The key principles are:

  • Open access to procurement contracts—notices are published in official journals and on this website.
  • Competitive bidding for all contracts—approved suppliers do not automatically win contracts.
  • Equal treatment of bidders—contracts are awarded to the most competitive, most reliable candidate.
  • Transparent procedures—all suppliers and all employees know the rules.
  • Traceability—procurement contracts and the past history of approved suppliers are traceable.
  • Confidentiality—data are kept confidential for both winning and losing bidders.

Tender Notices

OJEU notices
These notices are published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). There are two types:

  • Qualification notices—some products require advance qualification.
  • Tender notices—these announcements apply to bidding on specific projects.

Non-OJEU announcements
These do not appear in official tender notices and are usually used by regions to find service providers.

Browse current notices
All current notices are posted on this website. Notices published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) may be consulted directly and in their entirety on the Journal’s website.

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