General requirements

At SNCF, we’re looking for the best possible suppliers. Review these standard requirements and evaluation criteria to find out where your company stands.



  • Have appropriate human, technical and technological resources available
  • Show proof that your company can meet deadlines and quality requirements, and agree to quality oversight at production facilities
  • Comply with national and international manufacturing standards
  • Present a healthy financial position and provide financial statements on request


  • Meet legal requirements (Commercial Register, VAT)
  • Comply with tax requirements (income tax, VAT, financial statements), make social security contributions as required by your host country, and produce the necessary documentation
  • Comply with current requirements on workplace safety and working conditions
  • Show proof of adequate liability insurance
  • Have no history of criminal convictions or disqualification from public procurement contracts


  • Use the French language (the language of the contract) in all communication with SNCF
  • Agree to comply with the General terms and conditions (GTC) applicable to your sector


We evaluate suppliers based on seven criteria:

  • quality
  • cost and competitiveness
  • logistics
  • finance
  • management
  • product and/or project development
  • sustainable development

Our Purchasing Division rates prospective suppliers on each criterion. To be selected, you must earn the minimum score required for selected criteria and a minimum score for all of the criteria combined.

Once you’ve been selected, keep up the good work! Our Purchasing Division will continue to evaluate your performance under your contract and may reconsider your approved supplier status at any time.