Our qualification process ensures that your company has the legal, financial, technical and organizational capacity to deliver a specific product or service.


Some products, services and engineering works require advance qualification, which involves a three-step process:

  • You submit a qualification application to SNCF
  • SNCF processes this application in four months, dating from our receipt of the complete application
  • Once qualification has been granted, we may withdraw SNCF qualification at any time if the basis for granting it is no longer valid.

The procedure for supply contracts involves the following steps:

  • We conduct a preliminary interview allowing you to present your company and your business, identify the product or products for which you may qualify, and examine the appropriateness of entering into the qualification process. 
  • You complete a full qualification application allowing us to determine whether you have the necessary legal, financial, professional and technical capabilities for the product(s) to be provided. The application consists of administrative information, a targeted product evaluation questionnaire, and related documentation.

Subsidiaries cannot rely on their parent company’s qualification, but must apply independently.

SNCF solicits tenders from as many candidate companies as required by the nature of each contract. Winning qualification does not guarantee that your company will be invited to tender.

Browse qualification notices published on the OJEU (Tender notices).