Tender notices
without qualification

Learn more about SNCF’s selection criteria for purchasing categories which do not require advance qualification.


SNCF’s selection criteria are tailored to each purchasing project and are defined for each invitation to tender.

The criteria are designed to ensure that the contract will be properly performed, without risk of default, and to assess your company’s key capabilities:

  • Administrative and legal
  • Economic and financial (solvency, profitability)
  • Technical:
    -Your company holds a professional qualification certificate (such as Qualibat) or quality assurance certificate
    -Your company has the necessary technical and human resources to ensure that you can meet quality requirements and deadlines
    -Your company has relevant, up-to-date references for similar projects

SNCF solicits tenders from as many candidate companies as required by the nature of each contract. Responding to a notice in the Official Journal of the European Union does not guarantee that your company will be invited to tender.