Contract documents

Below is a list of contractual documents used by SNCF and its suppliers. These are provided for your information and contractual relationships with SNCF, and are governed by our terms and conditions.

Note that most of these documents are only available in French.

General terms and conditions (GTC)

The provisions of the General terms and conditions (GTC) and the Conditions of tender apply only to contracts that refer to them expressly. Contracts may also specify exceptions to select provisions: these exceptions must be included in the contract documents in the form of a list showing the sections of the GTC and the Conditions of tender that do not apply.

The general intent of the contract documents is to create an efficient, trust-based relationship between SNCF  and our Contractor(s), enabling us to work successfully with you to meet our customer service goals.

Please note that new versions of the GTC for supplies, works and services are available below. These new texts are dated 1 July 2016, and they contain updated sections referring to SNCF as well as amended wording on promoting a balanced relationship between SNCF and suppliers (GTC for Works, Section 82.1; GTC for Services, Section 8.2; and GTC for Supplies, Section 9.2.