Jeune 12-17

If you’re 12-17 years old, you can save up to 60% year round with a Jeune railcard. Conditions apply.

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Guaranteed discounts on every journey

Looking for special rail deals year round? With a Jeune 12-17 card, you can get discounted fares on TGV, TER and Intercité trains. Teens qualify from age 12 to 17, and can benefit right up to the day before their 18th birthday. Annual card fee: €50*.

  • 25% discount guaranteed on all trains, for bookings any time, right up to the last available seat.
  • Up to 60% off fares booked ahead for TGV and Intercité trains requiring reservations.
  • Up to 50% off fares booked ahead for TER and Intercité trains not requiring reservations, for all journeys starting in off-peak periods.
  • Special last-minute deals exclusively for Jeune cardholders, sold only through and at SNCF-certified online travel agencies.

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and peak (white) periods

*Prices valid at 29/10/2013, excluding special offers.


In most cases, your card will pay for itself in 2 round-trip journeys.

(1) Price at normal times (less busy)
(2) Reduced Loisir Fare. Excluding non-exchangeable, non-refundable rates.
(3) Price calculated with a maximum reduction of 60% on the Full Loisir Fare, excluding additional paid services, for TGV and Intercités trains where booking is required (excluding Ouigo), or 50% off the normal rate for trains where booking is not required (TER and Intercités) and subject to the Daily Travel Calendar.


Stretch your horizons with a Jeune 12-17 railcard and discover new benefits for sports and leisure activities:

  • Meet SNCF athletes
  • 5% off UCPA courses all year round
  • 5% off BAFA certificate courses for camp counsellors
  • Additional reductions on newspaper and magazine subscriptions through OFUP

See conditions opposite

Meet SNCF athletes

Snowboarders, fencers, judokas, rowers and more—meet and mingle with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, including medallists from the London Games. Your Jeune railcard is your ticket to events we’ll be organizing all year round. Come to learn more about your favourite sport and open up new horizons.

Follow our athletes’ performance, support them at critical moments in their careers, talk technique or fun, share their lives for a day and experience first-hand the thrill of top-level sports. Stay in touch for more information in November!

on board

Enjoy savings and other benefits at every stage of your journey:

  • food and drink on board: Save 15% on select menus in TGV café-bars and aboard Intercité trains
  • home luggage pickup:  25% off your second bag
  • Train+Hôtel: complimentary breakfast in Accor hotels
  • ticket exchanges and refunds: more flexibility

See conditions opposite

*Prices valid at 29/10/2013, excluding special offers.

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To buy your Jeune railcard or get additional information, select the point of sale or information desk most convenient for you.