Keeping you informed
during engineering works

Starting December 15 and continuing through the end of 2014, your timetables may change as we upgrade many sections of the French rail network.

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Improving your
travel experience

Through 2017, SNCF and Réseau Ferré de France will carry out major works at 1,000 sites a year. Our goals:

  • meet the demands of growing traffic
  • make infrastructure more reliable
  • maintain the highest levels of safety
  • make more trains run on time

In 2013, we renovated 1,755 km of track. Meanwhile, works to build three high-speed lines and link them to the national rail grid are already well underway in western and southern France, and we’re continuing to extend the Est Européen line. What’s in it for you? Better, faster service.

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In-station info

All of our employees—in our stations and on our trains—stand ready to help you plan your journey. We also provide information through:

  • brochures and timetables
  • posters detailing engineering works
  • information desks

Listen carefully to announcements, and don’t hesitate to ask our employees for information. We’re here to help.

Our information volunteers will also be posted in stations to assist you: you’ll recognize them by their red vests.

Tools for traffic
info and alerts

Take your pick: from mobile apps and websites to toll-free numbers, we offer a wide range of on-line and remote information tools.

Choose the type of train you’ll take to access the services you need.